4 Must-Have Luxury Bathroom Accessories

4 Must-Have Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Many people wrongly believe that they do not need to take care of or decorate their bathroom. In fact, some people even go to the extent of labelling the bathroom as one of the least important rooms in the house. In actuality, the bathroom requires the most attention of all the rooms.

Think about it — we spend the most important hours of our life in this deeply private room. We get ready for the outside world in it. The bathroom is where we unwind after a day of tiresome work. Plus, haven’t you wondered why people always get enthralled by the posh, clean, and luxurious bathrooms of high-end homes and hotels?

In this article, we are going to discuss a few luxury bathroom accessories — from mood lighting to fancy shower heads — that will completely change the appearance of your bathroom. Trust us, having a fantastic bathroom does wonders for one’s everyday mood, and bathroom decor can be quite fun and functional when done right. Here are the "luxury bathroom ideas" that you have been searching for! 

Importance of Decorating the Bathroom

First of all, let’s talk about the importance of decorating the bathroom. We’re sure you’ll agree that the soothing feeling of a warm, frothy bubble bath is absolutely mesmerising after a long, tiring day. Nothing like a high-quality bathtub to make one feel like royalty!

If you cannot relate to the sentiment here, try a bathroom makeover and see the difference for yourself! The bathroom should be a clean, elegant, and pleasing place for you to relax and get rid of all your daily stresses. Luxury bathroom accessories — from bathtubs to fancy shower heads, from matching shower fixtures to beautiful mirrors — will easily help you achieve this idea of having a blissful, private space at home.

Now, let’s take a look at some accessories that scream “luxury” and are must-haves when renovating the bathroom. Remember that you can always make use of sites like Pinterest and Instagram to search for luxury bathroom ideas that fit your style perfectly! 

4 Luxury Bathroom Accessories Your Bathroom Needs

Given below are a few luxury bathroom staples. 

1. Natural Elements

It’s true — artificial elements can never substitute the elegance of natural bathroom décor! There's a reason why an internet search for "luxury bathroom ideas" is always accompanied by photos of bathrooms that have gorgeous plants in them.

So, you can set up two beautiful plants beside the bathtub — they will exponentially improve the atmosphere of the bathroom, making it look fresh and bright. Plus, they purify the air as well. Truly, a splash of green can never go wrong. 

You can also decorate the interior walls and/or windows with various climbers or hanging plants that thrive in humidity. Or, place some succulents near the basin. Why not add a flower pot near the towel rack as well? You can even decorate the outside of your shower room with plants! Speaking of shower rooms, here's an article that specifically explores how you can make your shower room look great.

In short, freely make use of your imagination and turn yourself into a plant parent who also knows what a luxury bathroom should look like.

However, if taking care of the plants in your bathroom is something that you’re worried about, you can always put low-maintenance houseplants — such as money plants or snake plants — to make things easier and more convenient for yourself.

2. Mood Lighting

The lighting inside the bathroom plays a vital role in setting up the mood for a relaxing bath or shower. The good news is that there are cost-efficient and energy-saving smart lights available in the market that can change the lighting according to your wishes.

So, get those dim lights for a calming bath and bright lights for when you want to cut your own hair. Make sure to use practical lights in areas around the mirrors, because you need proper visibility to wash your teeth, do your makeup, and shave. The rest of the bathroom can benefit from soft, diffused lighting.

You can also set up large windows and use natural light to improve the overall vibe of the bathroom. Bonus: the large windows will also benefit your plants!

Mirrors too play a big role in reflecting light and making a bathroom look elegant. So consider getting some sleek ones with interesting frames. Remember, let there always be light!

3. Glass Partitions

Glass has a subtly luxurious feel to it — there's a reason why glass (to be precise, tempered glass), and not plastic or curtains, is used in hotel bathrooms! In fact, it is one of the few items that can provide the feeling of extravagance without breaking the bank. That's right, you can find places — both online and locally — that sell affordable but high-quality glass shower doors, screens, and partitions.

So, make use of glass slabs for the partitions inside your bathroom. It is also a good idea to cover the bathing area with a wonderful, translucent glass door. You can choose between framed shower doors (more traditional) or frameless shower doors (more modern). However, make sure to always keep the glass clean

4. Fancy but Functional Shower Heads

There are a number of shower heads that you can use to customise your bathing experience. Not only will the shower heads look good in your bathroom, but they’ll also be highly practical. You can choose from fixed/wall-mounted, handheld, rainfall, and combo shower heads, based on your needs.

For instance, the StoneStream EcoPower shower head with mineral stones filtration looks great, increases water flow velocity by 200%, reduces water consumption by 35%, and has 3 spray settings. Such innovative shower heads, which look good both in shower rooms and bathtubs, will allow you to take fun and relaxing showers without worrying too much about water wastage. Plus, they look stylish as well!

Don't Hesitate To Decorate Your Bathroom

Luxury accessories can add a touch of elegance to any bathroom and make it feel like a spa-like oasis. They can also be a great way to add some personalization to your bathroom. If you're looking for a way to make your bathroom more inviting and luxurious, seriously consider adding some luxury bathroom accessories. You'll be amazed at how much of a difference they can make and you'll feel good every time you walk into the bathroom. 

Home decor is important, but so is bathroom decor — both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. If you're ready to give your other rooms a makeover, then don't back away from a bathroom makeover! Even if you have an outdoor bathroom, it's necessary to make sure that it looks clean and elegant at all times.

Remember that taking care of the bathroom is an extremely important step in maintaining the hygiene of the house as well. A dirty bathroom can foster numerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses that cause serious diseases. So, look after your bathroom and all of its accessories, luxurious or otherwise!

Don't want to spend too much on bathroom decor? Don't worry, here's an article that'll tell you how to decorate your bathroom on a budget. As we all know, the standard of a building can be judged by the cleanliness and appearance of its bathrooms! 

Enjoy Luxurious Showers with StoneStream

Looking for luxury, practicality, eco-friendliness, and affordability? Have you finally decided to get a bathroom makeover? StoneStream has got you covered! Our EcoPower shower heads — available in Chrome-Clear and Matte Black — will brighten up any bathroom and upgrade your showering experience massively.

With the ability to filter and soften contaminated and hard water, StoneStream shower heads are good for skin, hair, and bathroom surfaces (goodbye limescale!). Plus, our shower heads are gentle enough for babies, pets, and the elderly despite having 2x the water flow of traditional shower heads. 

Additionally, the Matte Black shower heads have the option of a Vitamin C filter, which provides water filtration, water softening, and a spa-like aromatherapeutic experience. Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio's former New York condo had a Vitamin C-infused shower system as well? That sure does count as a luxury, and now thanks to StoneStream, you can experience it too at a fraction of the cost.

StoneStream also manufactures shower accessories such as non-slip shower mats, shower hoses, shower head holders, shower arms, and hard water filters which can make your bathroom a safe, healthy, and elegant space and are perfect if you're considering a functional but aesthetic bathroom makeover.



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