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** Skeptics - read through the entire page. We also share proofs.

Better Shower Guarantee - Your happiness is our command.

Our number one goal is to deliver a great shower experience at an affordable price to consumers around the world. Every great shower starts with a powerful, steady and smooth, water flow. Therefore, our products designed to do just that. We are committed to creating products that increase water flow velocity (sometimes known as "pressure"), generate aired water flow that feels smoother on your body, filter your shower water and save water. If for some reason, our products will not produce a lift in your water flow velocity (remember that pressure cannot be increased without a pump and our showerheads increase flow velocity) or provide a smooth water flow - let us know. Our team will look into this for you and try to come up with resolutions such as - sending you a new item at no additional cost, or maybe offer some technical assistance and guidance. And if that is something we cannot solve for you remotely, you will get a 100% full refund, right then and there.

On-time Delivery Guarantee - We value your time. 

Based on your shipping address, we will offer you different shipping options on checkout. Our FREE shipping option offers free delivery to most parts of the world in up to two weeks (but for our customers in both the UK and the US it'll normally get to your faster). If for some reason your delivery is being delayed beyond the time our website stated when you checked out - reach out to our customer care team, they will process a full refund of your order and you get to keep the products when they arrive. And they almost always arrive. Please do bear in mind though that during the pandemic your local post office may be the main cause for slower deliveries. 

Reduced Limescale Guarantee - Healthier water for you and your family. 

Providing you with cleaner shower water is a top priority for us. If you don't see and feel an improvement in your shower water, and you still have the same mineral build-up as you had with your previous shower heads, send us a picture showing that limescale build-up and we'll send you our universal shower hard water filter at no additional cost. And if that won't improve your hard water situation let our team know within 90 days from your purchase date and we'll process a full refund for you.

Compatibility Guarantee - One size does fit all. 

Although not all showers are created equal, we do have a solution for every shower out there - standard, electric, RV, campers, trailers, you name it. If our products don't fit, let our team know and they'll find the right fitting for you, and we'll cover that additional cost too. And if there's no solution for your shower at our disposal we'll simply refund your money, without making you return your items to us.

Cheap Knockoff 120% Money-Back - There's only one original StoneStream.

We know many of you are seeing different imitations of our shower head models and shower accessories out there. And we know you see the critics that it works just the same as our original products. Beware of falling for these critics as we guarantee these other imitations are not the same. We have perfected the quality of our products and our selection of manufacturers for years before we were able to deliver the quality of products we offer you today. The cheap knockoffs you may see out there are just not as good and may break in a couple of months or even weeks and may be potentially dangerous because of the low-quality assurance processes these products are going through. We are aware that some of you will still remain skeptical as you wouldn't see a tremendous visual difference so we want to put our money where our mouth is and offer you a 120% refund if you can order a cheap knockoff that you are happier with than your original StoneStream showerhead. This is how serious we are about making the highest quality of products and providing you with a better shower experience.  

Same-Day Response Guarantee - Because we truly care.

As online shoppers ourselves, we are very familiar with the experience of sending an enquiry to a company and then wait for days for their response. Well, we won't let that happen to our company. When you reach out to us via our contact us form, email, or any other channel we operate through, our team will assist you within the hours. Currently our avg. response time is at around 4 hours and we're working hard to make it even lower than that.


Skeptics, this is for you - below you can find screenshots of a recent interaction with one of our customers that will demonstrate how far we're willing to go for you, our customers: 

What you see below is an example of a customer journey that falls under the %1.3 of our customers who don't want to keep their order for any reason. 

They reached to our team, got a response that same day, they expressed their concern about their shower water pressure, our team tried to resolve the issue they were experiencing, then the customer reported none of the suggested solutions worked for her, and our team processed a full refund for her that same day. 

Here's a part of the conversation the customer had with one of our team members. The screenshot was taken directly from our Zendesk customer support system. 

customer correspondence with our customer care team showing the StoneStream Shower water pressure guarantee - screenshot from Zendesk

A full refund was processed that same day. Here you can see screenshots taken directly from our Stripe account - which is our credit card processing solution. 

customer refund showing the StoneStream Shower water pressure guarantee - screenshot from Stripe
customer refund invoice showing the StoneStream Shower water pressure guarantee - screenshot from Stripe

Although not exactly the most desirable outcome for us, as we aspire to improve every single shower and offer a better shower experience to everyone, at least we were able to make that customer pleased with our service and happy with the way we treated her. You can go onto the StoneStream page on Trustpilot and check out for yourself the over 1,100 authentic reviews, including the below one.

customer review showing the StoneStream Shower water pressure guarantee - screenshot from Trustpilot

We know you've been mistreated by other websites and companies before. Everyone has a story about a bad online shopping experience they had. But WE PROMISE you that we won't let it happen if you buy with us. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is not just a motto for us, it's how we work. Our only ask is if you are experiencing any issues with your order, please communicate it to us immediately and let our customer care team do their job and resolve the issue for you. 

Have any questions? Need any assistance with your order? Reach out to us via - 

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