5 Benefits of StoneStream Shower Heads Over Regular Shower Heads

5 Benefits of StoneStream Shower Heads Over Regular Shower Heads
Let's take a look at why you should choose the StoneStream EcoPower over a regular shower head.

Picture this — after a long, exhausting day, you get back home, excited to hop into your cosy bathroom and wash away all the dirt and tiredness from your being. You put on some soothing music and get ready for a luxurious shower.

However, things don’t go your way. Your shower head rudely sprays out a concentrated jet of water onto your face. Or, you find out that your shower head is dripping. Want the worst-case scenario? Imagine that your shower head is so clogged up that it fully stops working. Irritated, aren't you? We would be too.

It’s essential to choose high-quality fixtures for your bathroom so that your everyday life becomes convenient and comfortable. The bathroom is a space to get ready for the day (as well as unwind later), and so it is necessary for it to function at its full capacity at all times.

Even a seemingly little thing — in the grand scheme of things — such as a leaking shower head can ruin your mood and subsequently the rest of your day. Not to mention, faulty bathroom fixtures can seriously drive up your water bill and burn a substantial hole in your pocket.

But worry not! StoneStream is one of the leading shower head brands in the market, and our innovative products take care of not only the customer but also the planet. We design and manufacture some of the best shower high pressure heads out there, keeping in mind quality, affordability, sustainability, and style.

Clean, green, and efficient is certainly the way to go! Don’t believe us? Wondering why people enjoy better showers with StoneStream?

We'll explain. Here are 5 ways in which StoneStream shower heads are better than regular shower heads. And don't worry, this is an honest and verified comparison between StoneStream EcoPower and regular shower heads!

StoneStream — Showers that Work Like a Dream

At StoneStream, we create water saving shower heads that serve multiple purposes and solve several common problems. Our shower fixtures are efficient, affordable, and stylish, suiting the bathroom needs of any customer.

Simply speaking, the StoneStream EcoPower outperforms all the regular showers out there! Here’s how:

1. StoneStream shower heads provide more than 200% increased water flow

Compared to a regular shower head, StoneStream shows more than a 200% increase in water flow

Compared to a regular shower head, StoneStream shows more than a 200% increase in water flow.

That’s right! According to lab tests, StoneStream EcoPower shower heads provide up to a 212% increase in water flow velocity when compared to standard shower heads. That’s more than 2x the water flow found in a regular shower! It is one of the main reasons why people enjoy better showers with StoneStream.

Our carefully designed shower heads, both handheld and wall-mounted, have anodized aluminum plates that contain 250 laser-cut spray holes. This innovative design is the secret behind our efficient and high pressure shower heads.

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of it, the actual pressure of water isn’t actually altered. However, the small holes of the shower head plate ensure that water comes out at a faster rate. Thus, even though the water pressure of your main water supply remains the same, your StoneStream shower head manages to deliver high water flow velocity (the actual term for the phenomenon, but hey semantics, right?). If you have low water pressure in the shower right now, switching over to StoneStream will do wonders.

And don’t worry, the increased water flow velocity provided by our shower head is smooth and gentle on your skin. It’s even safe and soothing for babies and pets!

You can also switch between three spray settings — massage, rainfall, and jetting. A massaging shower sounds good, doesn’t it? Imagine that but with fantastic water flow velocity — that’s what you get with us. StoneStream truly produces the best high pressure shower heads for low water pressure households.

2. StoneStream shower heads are eco-friendly and reduce water consumption by 35%

Compared to a regular shower head, StoneStream EcoPower reduces water consumption by 35%

Compared to a regular shower head, StoneStream EcoPower reduces water consumption by 35%.

It’s no secret that the planet is in grave danger due to deteriorating and polluted natural resources. Every year, thousands of litres of water are wasted in bathrooms across the world, be it due to faulty fixtures or indifferent users. We at StoneStream care deeply about the Earth and want to work towards preserving its resources.

Our EcoPower shower heads are eco-friendly and use less water when compared to regular shower heads. Without compromising on high efficiency, we have created water saving shower heads that can substantially lower your water consumption and drive down your water bills.

So, how much can you save with StoneStream? In the average UK home, StoneStream can save £227 on the yearly water bill! In fact, our shower heads guarantee up to a 35% reduction in water usage.

Here's an article that explains how you can save water in the shower every day.

3. StoneStream shower heads filter impurities from water

You choose — StoneStream EcoPower comes with both mineral stones filter and polypropylene filter

You choose — StoneStream EcoPower comes with both mineral stones filter and polypropylene filter.

Running water is full of microparticles, bacteria, and minerals that can, in the long term, damage skin and hair. Thus, StoneStream EcoPower shower heads can come with two different types of filters — mineral stones filters and polypropylene filters.

The mineral stones — comprising three types of germanium — lessen the amount of chlorine, bacteria, and dirt in the water. So, were you looking for a shower head with beads? StoneStream is your answer!

On the other hand, the polypropylene filter in the StoneStream shower head physically traps and removes dirt, mineral build-up, and other impurities from running water. You can choose exactly which filter you want! Plus, we even have a Vitamin C shower head which has a cartridge that not only fiters and softens water but turns your showering experience into an aromatherapeutic one!

With our shower heads that filter water, confidently say hello to healthy skin and hair.

4. StoneStream shower heads soften hard water, reduce limescale buildup, and maintain water temperature

Hard water contains a large number of minerals and can be damaging to skin and hair in the long run. Indeed, people with skin issues such as eczema can particularly suffer due to the hard water that they use in their bathrooms. Regular shower heads usually do not possess features that can soften hard water.

However, StoneStream’s high quality and carefully designed shower heads and filters can effectively reduce the hardness of running water by up to 46% and prevent limescale buildup to a great extent. Our Universal Shower Hard Water Filter makes use of a 15-stage filtration process in order to remove all unnecessary elements from water to make it as healthy as possible.

Finally, the Eco-stop button allows you to stop the flow of water conveniently and maintains the water temperature during your shower, dismissing the need to fiddle with the water valve. It’s a win-win situation all the way through!

Having a water softener shower head or filtered shower head like the StoneStream Eco-Power will certainly benefit your skin, hair, and bathroom setup in the long run.

5. StoneStream shower heads are universally compatible

The StoneStream EcoPower is easy to install and universally compatible. Seen are the handheld and wall-mounted variants together

The StoneStream EcoPower is easy to install and universally compatible. Seen are the handheld and wall-mounted variants together.

Have you wondered "Can I use StoneStream in any shower?" The answer is yes! With StoneStream, you don’t have to worry about your brand new shower head not fitting. Our eco-friendly shower heads are compatible with all types of bathroom scenarios — standard, electric, RV, campers, trailers — because they ascribe to the international standard connection (2 cm connector).

If you have an electric shower. go with the Classic Handheld EcoPower (which does not have a stop button). If you don't have an electric shower, go for the Eco STOP Button variant.

So, the bottom line is, if you’re looking for a regular handheld shower head setup, a wall-mounted shower head, or an RV shower head, we’ve got just the products for you! Plus, our shower heads are extremely easy to install; you won’t even have to call a plumber. If you can’t get your StoneStream shower head fitted in your bathroom for whatever reason, we will help you out at no additional cost!

Clearly, based on all the facts explained above, StoneStream shower heads are better than regular shower heads. So don’t fall for the copycats (such as Showery) and don’t fall for shady companies that promise things that only we can deliver! There's a reason why we're one of the few legitimate viral TikTok shower heads.

At StoneStream, the goal is always to serve and benefit the customer and the planet.

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will go to great lengths to make sure that our products help people around the world. With our shower heads and shower water filters, you can look forward to your daily morning shower with excitement and a guilt-free conscience.

We also have a fantastic range of durable shower accessories, such as shower hoses, replacement filters, squeegees, and non-slip shower mats, that will make your bathroom a highly functional and stylish space!

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