5 Renter-Friendly Ways to Transform the Shower Room

5 Renter-Friendly Ways to Transform the Shower Room

Living in a rented flat/room and still can’t customize your home? Such a depressing thought! Looking at your bathroom and wondering, how can I transform my shower room into one fit for a king/queen? As a renter, you might often find yourself looking for ways to transform your bathroom with your personal touch without violating lease agreements. Bathrooms, with their fixed fixtures and limitations, can pose a challenge. However, fear not! Your shower room holds untapped potential for transformation. In this blog, we'll explore five renter-friendly methods to transform your shower room into the beauty of your dreams!

Add a Vibrant Shower Curtain

Vibrant Shower Curtain

Your shower curtain is more than just a piece of fabric to hang around; it's an opportunity to express your style. Look for curtains that complement the color scheme of your bathroom while adding a touch of your personality. A bold, vibrant print can infuse energy into a neutral bathroom, while a soft, muted pattern can create a soothing atmosphere. Consider a curtain with built-in storage options like pockets for holding shower essentials, optimizing both style and functionality. Opt for a tension rod for easy installation, ensuring you can take your stylish statement with you when you move.

Make it artistic with wall decals

Wall Decals

If you're hesitant about adding permanent artwork to your bathroom walls, removable wall decals are your creative solution. These peel-and-stick wonders come in various sizes and designs, offering a versatile way to introduce art without making a lasting commitment. Whether you prefer inspirational quotes, abstract shapes, or whimsical designs, you can easily find decals that resonate with your taste. Arrange them in a way that complements your shower's aesthetic, and when it's time to move, peel them off effortlessly, leaving your walls intact.

Invest in quality mats and towels

Non-slip mats

Your shower experience can be transformed by investing in some quality textiles. Upgrade your shower mat to one with a memory foam core, providing both comfort and support as you step out of the shower. Select towels that match your bathroom's color scheme while embracing a higher thread count for that indulgent feel. Rolled or neatly folded towels in an attractive basket can also serve as decorative accents, adding a spa-like touch to your bathroom.

Looking for mats that are both aesthetically pleasing and efficient? Check out the pebbles non-slip bathroom mat by Stonestream, which comes with 300 suction cups for the ultimate grip and a captivating design that welcomes you when you enter your shower! Order one now here.

Introduce Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants

Bringing a touch of nature into your bathroom can be surprisingly rejuvenating. Opt for hanging plants that thrive in humid conditions, such as spider plants, pothos, or air plants. Macramé plant hangers or suction cup hooks with built-in plant holders are great options for ensuring your plant decor remains secure while you enjoy the refreshing greenery. Not only do these plants contribute to the aesthetics of your shower, but they also improve air quality.

Accessories such as hanging plants can help transform the shower room into a more refreshing one. For more information regarding these accessories, check out this article right here!

Upgrade your showerhead


How nice it would be to have an aesthetic showerhead that matches your bathroom and doesn’t blow out your savings? Changing your showerheads might be a daunting task, but what if told you it actually isn't? Introducing the EcoPower showerhead by Stonestream, a solution to all your shower problems. Its aesthetic design comes with various options to choose from that fit your bathroom. Moreover, it’s easy to install and reduces your water consumption as well. And it’s cheaper than other showerheads in the market. Talk about savings! 

Check out the EcoPower showerhead for that perfect bathroom fixture right here!

Looking for a fun way to have your showers, without compromising on your bathroom’s comfort and design? Meet the TurboFan showerhead by Stonestream - a showerhead that delivers the same results, but with a propeller-driven design for the fun shower you’ve always dreamed of!

EcoPower Turbo Fan Shower Head

TurboFan Showerhead

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Well, it looks like you have just transformed your bathroom into a gorgeous masterpiece without affecting you as a renter! Maybe your landlord will value you for this. Probably ;) Anyways, with a dash of creativity and a willingness to think outside the box, you can turn your bathroom into a reflection of your style and preferences. By embracing these easy-to-implement changes, you'll not only elevate your shower experience but also make your rented space feel uniquely and wonderfully yours. Also, check out this article for more easy ways to change your shower room and make it look great!

Worried about spending? Save more with the EcoPower showerhead

Ecopower Showerhead 

Are you constantly worried about your spending increasing every month? Do you feel guilty about spending too much time in the shower? Are you constantly looking for ways to elevate your overall shower experience? Well, say no more because I got a solution just right for you. Meet the EcoPower showerhead by StoneStream, a showerhead that solves all your daily shower problems! The EcoPower showerhead is a great addition to your bathroom because of:

  • 250 laser-cut spray holes that force less water with high velocity, thereby saving water consumption and providing up to 200% increased water flow velocity!
  • 3 shower options - jetting, rainfall, and massage - for the flexible shower experience you’ve always wanted!
  • A new mixture of Germanium stones that soften hard water and is scientifically tested to reduce chlorine, bacteria, and dirt
  • A STOP button to control or stop water flow and temperature without turning off the valve! (Check out the importance of a showerhead with a STOP button here!)

StoneStream EcoPower ShowerHead

EcoPower Showerhead

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Order one now and change your shower room from a normal one to an interesting level! Happy showering!

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