6 Benefits of Switching to Water Saving Shower Heads

6 Benefits of Switching to Water Saving Shower Heads

Imagine a shower that not only refreshes you but also refreshes the planet. Here comes the water saving shower head! Beyond mere bathroom hardware, it's a symbol of a conscious commitment to sustainability. From reducing water consumption to cutting down utility costs, water saving shower heads are one of the easiest ways to save water at home.

 But you might be thinking: “Why should I opt for a water saving shower head if I already have a normal one at home?” In this blog, we'll dive into the six benefits of making the switch from an ordinary shower head to a water saving shower head. So, whether you're a sustainability enthusiast, a frugal thinker, or someone seeking a more mindful way to start the day, get ready to be immersed in insights that illuminate the path toward a more eco-friendly future – all from the comfort of your shower stall. 


 Water saving shower heads are specially designed to reduce the amount of water used during showers while maintaining satisfactory water pressure and experience. These shower heads incorporate various technologies to optimize water flow, such as aerating the water or using adjustable settings to control the flow rate. The primary goal of water saving shower heads is to conserve water without compromising comfort, helping individuals and households reduce their water consumption and contribute to sustainable living practices.

However, it’s important to note that not all water saving shower heads are built the same – some may provide you with great water pressure…while others, not so much!


Before we delve into the benefits of a water saving shower head, let us first understand the different types of shower heads available in the market. Some of the common types of shower heads are:

 · Rain Shower Heads

 These large, flat shower heads are typically installed overhead, creating a relaxing and immersive shower experience. The water flow is wider and softer, providing a soothing sensation that's perfect for unwinding after a long day. However, due to their low pressure and wide surface, they are usually not water saving in nature.

 · Handheld Shower Heads

 A handheld shower head offers ultimate flexibility. It's connected to a hose, allowing you to direct the water exactly where you need it. This makes tasks like rinsing off shampoo, cleaning the shower, or even washing pets remarkably convenient.

 · Fixed Shower Heads

 The classic fixed shower heads are mounted on the wall and come in various shapes and sizes. They offer consistent water flow and pressure, making them a dependable choice for daily showers. Some models come with adjustable settings to customize the spray pattern.

 · High-Pressure Shower Heads

 If you're seeking an invigorating and powerful shower experience, high-pressure shower heads are designed to deliver a strong water stream. They're perfect for those who enjoy a massage-like effect on their skin. Interestingly, an efficient high-pressure shower head – like the StoneStream EcoPower or the StoneStream TurboFan – can actually reduce water usage by cutting down the total time needed to shower!

 · Low-Flow Shower Heads

 Low-flow shower heads are specifically designed to conserve water. They restrict the flow rate, helping you reduce water consumption and your ecological footprint. However, they are notorious for their low pressure, which can hamper one’s showering experience.

 · Dual Shower Heads

 Combining the benefits of both handheld and fixed shower heads, dual shower heads offer the best of both worlds. They often consist of a stationary head and a detachable handheld unit, providing versatile options for a personalized shower experience.

 Each shower head has its benefits and flaws, and choosing the right type of shower head depends on your own choices and preferences.


1. Ecological Conservation 

Water saving shower heads significantly reduce the amount of water used during showers. By consuming less water, you're directly contributing to the preservation of local water supplies and ecosystems, playing a crucial role in tackling water scarcity and promoting a sustainable environment. 

2. Financial Savings 

The decreased water consumption brought about by water saving shower heads translates directly into financial savings. Lower water bills are a clear advantage of this technology, allowing you to save money without compromising your daily routines. Over time, these savings can accumulate and make a noticeable difference in your household budget!

For example, the EcoPower Shower Head saves up to 46,000 liters of water each year, saving up to £227 per year on water bills.

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3. Reduced Energy Consumption 

Less water usage also means less energy is needed to heat the water. This dual benefit contributes to energy conservation by reducing the load on water heaters, which can ultimately lead to lower electricity or gas bills. Additionally, decreased energy consumption lessens the associated environmental impact, making your shower routine more eco-friendly. 

If you are looking for shower heads that don’t burden your water heaters, head over to StoneStream. Not only do the EcoPower Shower Heads reduce water usage by 35%, but they also feature a STOP button that maintains the temperature of the water (so there’s no need to adjust the valve each time and wait for the water to reheat whenever you stop the shower!).

4. Enhanced Shower Experience

 Modern water saving shower heads are engineered to provide a satisfying shower experience. Through innovative design, these shower heads maintain water pressure while using less water. You can still enjoy a peaceful shower without feeling like you're compromising on water flow or comfort. 

For example, the StoneStream EcoPower has more than 250 laser-cut spray holes, which allow for 200% increased water flow velocity while also reducing the overall water consumption by 35%. Oh, and here’s the difference between water flow velocity and water pressure explained. 

5. Extended Lifespan of Water Heaters 

By using water saving shower heads, you put less strain on your water heater. This reduction in workload can extend the lifespan of your water heating equipment, saving you the costs and hassles of premature replacements. Ultimately, this contributes to a more efficient and sustainable household infrastructure.

6. Personal Environmental Impact

Choosing a water saving shower head is an impactful way to reduce your personal water footprint. It's an important step towards responsible water usage, showcasing your commitment to environmental conservation. By adopting this change, you're not only benefiting yourself but also inspiring others to make environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives. It’s also a good idea to teach your kids to be responsible with the water consumption in the shower – and a suitable shower head will make this process easier. 

In conclusion, we can see the importance of water saving shower heads in paving the way for a sustainable future. From conserving water and energy to redefining our shower experiences, the benefits of adopting water saving shower heads extend far beyond the confines of our bathrooms. So, to answer if water saving shower heads are worth it, the answer is definitely yes! 

So, whether you're an advocate of conservation, a budget-conscious consumer, or simply someone seeking a more balanced approach to daily habits, the choice to embrace water saving shower heads holds value for everyone.


Discover the perfect synergy between indulgence and eco-friendliness with StoneStream. In a world where water preservation matters more than ever, this advanced shower head promises a wonderful shower experience without compromising on water conservation.

 StoneStream’s EcoPower and TurboFan shower heads are sure to give you the shower experience you always deserved. These shower heads boast numerous features such as: 

· Reduced water use by 35% compared to regular shower heads

· Increases water flow velocity by 200% compared to regular shower heads

· Contains replaceable mineral stones that filter and soften water

· Easy to install

· Fits in all standard shower units

· Has an eco-friendly STOP button that maintains temperature (you won’t have to switch the taps off to stop the water flow, so the heater won’t have to heat the water up again!)

· 3 spray settings – rainfall, jetting, and massage – that provide a spa-like experience

 Upgrade to a StoneStream shower head, and unlock the true eco-friendly potential of your showering experience today! Happy showering! 

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