Can I Take a Shower with My Baby?

Can I Take a Shower with My Baby?

If you have a baby, you must be wondering if it's possible to take a shower with them. After all, doesn't it make sense to shower together if both of you need to get clean? So, is it OK to shower with your baby? Do people actually shower with their babies?

Yes, you can take a shower with your baby, but you have to follow safety precautions very strictly. If you are careful, then showering with your baby can be a fantastic bonding experience! 

Note that it's best to not take showers with babies who haven't yet achieved control of their neck and head. Showering is easier with babies who can sit and stand on their own.

In this article, we will explore two ways you can use a shower head for yourself and your baby — in the bathtub and in the shower room. Let's dive right in and look at how to take a shower with a baby!

How To Use A Shower Head With Your Baby In A Bathtub


Showering with your baby can be a fun bonding experience. Here are a few tips on how to make it work in a bathtub: 

First, get everything you need within reach. This includes baby-friendly shampoo, soap, a washcloth, a non-slip bath mat that you and your baby can sit on, and towels.

Next, sit on the non-slip mat in the filled bathtub. Have your partner, family member, or friend hand you the baby after you sit down in the water. Place your baby on your lap — make sure that they aren't getting submerged in the water!

Then, using your knees and one hand to support your baby, use the shower head to gently wash the baby's body. You can also use the shower head to wash your upper body. However, make sure your baby isn't slipping!

It's best to have bath products near your bathtub that are in pump bottles since they are easy to use with one hand. Make sure you're using only using baby products for your baby! Don't worry, they will work for you as well.

If you wish, you can drain the bathtub a little bit so that your baby can sit or stand on the non-slip bath mat. You can hold them around the waist and the two of you can use the shower head, blow bubbles, play with rubber ducks, and get clean.

Afterwards, ask someone to hold the baby while you get out of the bathtub. You can use this opportunity to quickly rinse yourself. Then, wrap a soft bath towel around your baby and another around yourself and spend some time enjoying post-shower cuddles! 

How To Shower With Your Baby In A Shower Room/Enclosure

Showering with your baby while standing up is trickier, but not impossible. Wear bath gloves so that you have a tighter grip on your baby. Additionally, make sure you're standing on a non-slip shower mat.

You can also opt to use a water sling for your baby. This way, your hands stay free and your baby stays secure and close to your body. Don't forget to only use baby-friendly shower products!

To make showering with your baby in a shower room safer and easier, get a bathing stool. You can sit down on the stool and have more control over yourself, the shower head (if it's handheld), and your baby. If your baby can stand, you can hold your baby's arms as you both relax under the shower head.

However, there are some things to be aware of if you're going to take a shower with your baby, be it in a bathtub or a shower room:

  • Make sure the water is lukewarm. You might enjoy hot or cold baths/showers, but lukewarm water is what's best for your baby!

  • Ensure that your baby isn't feeling uncomfortable due to the water pressure. This usually happens when the water pressure is so high that it becomes harsh on sensitive skin. It's best to use a shower head that's suitable for babies.

  • Hold your baby in such a way so that water doesn't go into their eyes, ears, and mouth.

  • Do not use bath products meant for adults on babies — they will dry out and irritate your baby's skin.

  • There should be someone else in the house who can rush to help you while you're in the shower with your baby. Babies get slippery when wet, so a dry helping hand in case of emergencies is a must!

  • Know that you might not get super clean if you're showering with your baby as you won't have the time to thoroughly wash yourself. Think of showering with your baby as a fun activity rather than a proper showering experience.

Is it safe to shower with your baby? 

If you don’t have the right materials and someone else in the house to help you out in case of emergencies, then showering with your baby is not a good idea. If you are weak or if your baby is particularly prone to making sudden movements, then avoid showering with them. If you are extremely dirty (say, you’ve spent the day tending to your garden) then avoid showering with your baby as it will be unhygienic for them.

It's also a good idea to speak to your baby's doctor about how often you need to bathe or shower them.

However, if you have all the showering tools we mentioned above, a family member or friend to help out, and a baby who can be managed easily, then you can go ahead and take a shower with your baby without worrying too much. But still, always be extra vigilant because things can get slippery and dangerous very easily!

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Enjoy happy, healthy, and safe showers!

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