Can Shower Head Cause Hair Fall?

Can Shower Head Cause Hair Fall?

Showering is a daily ritual for many of us and an intrinsic part of personal hygiene and self-care, but did you know that your shower head could be causing hair loss? That's right - shower heads can actually contribute to hair loss, and not a lot of people realise this! If you don't have the right shower head, you are likely to face skin and hair troubles.

Of course, it's essential to consult a doctor if your hair loss is severe since it could be a sign of a serious health condition and not just a result of external circumstances. 

If you're putting strain on your hair, washing it too vigorously, detangling it too aggressively, or brushing it while wet, then also you might notice sudden hair fall. Also, note that some amount of hair fall is normal in the shower because your scalp regularly sheds hair and the hair strands ready to shed fall off more easily when in contact with water, shampoo, and your fingers. It is only when the hair fall is excessive and follows a pattern different from what's usual that it becomes an issue.

Sometimes, it is possible that a faulty shower head might be causing temporary hair loss. This is what we'll be talking about in the article.

Let's dive right in and explore how and why a shower head can cause hair loss.

How Your Shower Head Might Be Contributing to Hair Loss

Let's take a look at how your shower head might be responsible for your sudden hair fall or hair loss. 

Your shower head is dirty and mouldy

If your shower head is dirty and has mould and mildew, all that gunk is coming in contact with your scalp and hair each time you shower!

The dirt, debris, and fungal particles can trigger an allergic reaction in some which can eventually lead to hair loss. In others, the dirt from the shower head can accumulate on the surface of the scalp, restricting moisture and blood flow to hair follicles, which can eventually lead to hair loss. A dirty and mouldy shower head can also cause skin rashes and itching.

Your shower head doesn't soften hard water

If you live in an area with hard water and your shower head does not have a water softener, things can quickly go south for your hair. So if you’ve ever wondered “Can hard water in your shower lead to hair loss?” the answer is yes.

The minerals in hard water can build up on your scalp and hair over time, causing it to become dry, brittle, and more susceptible to breakage. When your hair is unable to get moisture, nutrients, and adequate blood flow due to a build-up of minerals, it tends to become weak and prone to falling.

Often, people end up using more shampoo to compensate for hard water (which makes it difficult for products to lather up) and this worsens the dryness on the scalp, leading to hair weakening and eventual hair loss. 

Your shower head doesn't filter your shower water 

If your shower water is not being filtered, it could be full of impurities like chlorine, bacteria, and other harsh chemicals and contaminants. These can strip away the natural oils from your scalp and hair, making it dry and brittle. When your scalp and hair are stripped of their natural oils, they become more susceptible to damage, which can ultimately lead to hair loss. 

Additionally, the impurities in your shower water can accumulate on your scalp and all over your hair strands, restricting blood flow to the hair follicles, putting stress on the hair, and even triggering allergic reactions that in the long run might cause hair loss.

Your shower head has very high water pressure and is harsh on your scalp

If you have a high-pressure shower head that does not have a gentle flow, then the water itself might be causing the hair fall and hair loss. When water hits your scalp at very high pressure, it makes your hair prone to premature breakage. When over a long period of time — especially if you tend to wash your hair frequently — this might lead to alarming hair fall. 

So, Can Shower Heads Really Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, shower heads can cause hair loss - but it's mostly due to the water that comes out of them rather than the shower heads themselves. 

In other words, if your shower head isn't treating your shower water right, chances are that you'll face a bunch of hair and skin-related issues. If your water is hard, full of impurities, or not being softened or filtered, it can wreak havoc on your hair and lead to hair loss. 

Of course, sometimes it is just the shower head's fault — for example when there's mould, dirt, and limescale on it.

How To Avoid Hair Loss Due To Shower Heads

If you're concerned about your shower head causing hair loss, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risk: 

Clean your shower head regularly

Cleaning your shower head regularly will help get rid of any mould, mildew, or dirt that might be present there that can cause hair issues such as hair fall. Here's an article that explains how you can clean and descale your shower head

If your shower head is too old, rusty, and dirty, know that these are signs that you need to buy a new one

Get a shower head that softens hard water

Installing a shower head that has a water softener will help remove the minerals from hard water and make it gentle on your hair. Soft water is best for your hair — that's why people in hard water areas sometimes use bottled water for shampooing! Plus, soft water allows your hair products to function the way they are supposed to. 

Invest in a quality shower head filter

Getting a shower head that has a water filter in it will remove chlorine, bacteria, and other harsh chemicals and contaminants from your shower water, making it safer for your hair. This will also help in maintaining the pH of your scalp, which in the long run will help in combating hair loss. 

Choose the right water pressure 

If you're washing your hair in the shower, make sure the water is gentle and evenly distributed. If you have a high-pressure shower head, make sure it's not too harsh on your skin and scalp. Point the shower head at your inner arm and see how your skin feels under the water. If it feels uncomfortable, then the water pressure is not ideal for your scalp.

If your shower head has different spray settings, choose one that evenly distributes the water and has gentle pressure.

So, there you have it. If you suspect that your shower head is causing hair loss, it's best to consult a doctor or dermatologist to rule out any other possible causes. Once you've ruled out any underlying medical conditions and factors such as stress, diet changes, and/or hormonal imbalances, you can take steps to improve the quality of your shower water and prevent any further hair damage due to your inadequate shower head!

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