Do Shower Head Filters Really Work?

Do Shower Head Filters Really Work?

Do shower head filters really work? This is a question that many people have been asking lately, probably after seeing all those viral TikTok shower heads. The answer is that it depends on the filter. Not all shower head filters work the same way!

 In this blog post, we will discuss how shower head filters and various water filtration systems work. In particular, we will focus on the different filtration options that are available when you buy the StoneStream EcoPower

What are shower head filters?

Shower head filters are designed to remove impurities from your shower water. This includes chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants that can cause skin irritation or even health problems. There are also shower filters that reduce hard water levels — basically, these function as tiny water softeners within the shower head.

Sometimes, it is not possible to guarantee that every water outlet in your home gets a water filter. In such cases, people go for shower head filters because they do work and are an affordable way to get clean shower water (and this water is very important because it comes in contact with your skin and hair, every day!). Dirty and hard water not only impact your health but also your bathroom surfaces and shower accessories (nobody enjoys seeing limescale!).

You can either get a shower head that filters water (i.e. it comes with an inbuilt water filter) or go for a water filter that can be installed with your shower head. 

How do shower head filters work?

Shower head filters work by removing impurities from shower water using a variety of filtration methods. The most common type of filtration systems seen in shower head filters on the market today are the mineral stones filtration system, the polypropylene filtration system, the Vitamin C filtration system, and the activated carbon filtration system. 

Let's take a closer look at these.

Mineral Stones Filtration

The StoneStream EcoPower is the original ionic shower head (also known as the pebble shower head) which popularised the concept of the mineral stones filtration system (that you see all over "showertok!"). Essentially, a mixture of germanium stones present within the body of the EcoPower shower head filters and softens impure and hard water into clean, spring-like water. These mineral stones significantly reduce the amount of chlorine, bacteria and dirt in shower water. 

So, what exactly is in this mixture of germanium stones in the StoneStream EcoPower shower head? The bluish-grey stones are anion stones which are negatively charged and remove impurities from water. The white stones are ceramic energy stones that have the ability to adjust the pH of your skin and hair. The reddish-brown stones are the tourmaline stones which can help make your hair smooth and shiny. Together, the stones filter and soften water and also prevent the buildup of limescale.

The best part is that you can easily replace these mineral stones after they have filtered and softened around 8,000 gallons or 30,000 litres of water. Considering the average household, that much amount of water is filtered in around 4-6 months. Check out our replacement filters here.

Polypropylene Filtration

The StoneStream EcoPower shower head also comes with the option of a polypropylene filtration system. Essentially, the fine and tightly packed polypropylene mesh screen physically traps and removes contaminants from the water. This is especially useful when it comes to filtering dirt, sand, and mineral build-up. It is recommended that you replace this filter every 6-8 months.

You might be interested to know that nonwoven polypropylene (NWPP) is recommended for usage in face masks to keep out droplets that contain the COVID-19 virus. This is because the material is a fantastic physical filter.

Vitamin C Filter

Do Vitamin C filters work? Yes, they do! In fact, actor Leonardo DiCaprio's former NYC condo had vitamin C-infused showers as well. Clearly, people (celebrities and commoners) are aware of the benefits of Vitamin C showers.

The Vitamin C filter in the StoneStream EcoPower Matte Black Shower Head purifies and softens water. Vitamin C, in particular, is known for its ability to neutralise chlorine and chloramines, which is one of the major chemicals in shower water that can damage skin and hair. This is why Vitamin C is used by professional swimmers after spending a long time in chlorinated pools!

You only need to replace the Vitamin C filter once in 6 months.

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Activated Carbon

Now, let's take a look at another type of filtration system seen in shower head filters — activated carbon. So, what is it exactly? It is a highly porous form of carbon that has been treated to increase its surface area. This increased surface area allows it to adsorb (or bind) impurities.

The way it works is that shower water passes through the shower head filter where the activated carbon adsorbs (or binds) impurities like chlorine and bacteria. The filtered water then flows out of the shower head, leaving behind the impurities that were adsorbed by the activated carbon.

StoneStream Universal Shower Hard Water Filter

Remember when we said you can choose between shower heads that filter water and water filters that can be installed with your shower head? StoneStream has both! We've already explored how the StoneStream EcoPower shower head filters water using different systems, so now let's look at the Universal Shower Hard Water Filter

It features a 15-stage filtration process that removes impurities from your shower water. Some of the contaminants that it can eliminate are chlorine, dirt, rust, bacteria, limescale, sand, and heavy metals. It is universally compatible because it uses a 1/2" thread, which is seen in most showers around the world. It filters around 10,000 gallons of water before the cartridge has to be replaced (which is usually in 6 months or so).

Here's a video testing the TDS (total dissolved solids) level of water that has run through our Universal Shower Hard Water Filter and EcoPower shower head.

If you live in an area with poor quality water or hard water, investing in a shower head that filters water or a water filter that can be installed with your shower head is important. You'd be surprised to know how much damage a shower head that doesn't filter impure and hard water can cause — from skin rashes to hair fall.

Enjoy Filtered, Clean, and Soft Water with StoneStream

StoneStream manufactures shower accessories that make your bathroom a functional, hygienic, safe, and luxurious space. So when it comes to the question of "do shower head filters really work?" the answer is that yes, they do work — especially when they are manufactured by us!

You can go for our EcoPower shower head or Universal Shower Hard Water Filter if you have impure or hard water problems. If you want the added advantage of aromatherapy, go for the Vitamin C filtration system when you purchase the EcoPower shower head. And don't worry, we'll remind you in 6 months (from the date of purchase) to get the replacement filters!

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If you're wondering why our shower heads are different from traditional ones, it's because they increase water flow velocity by 200%, reduce water usage by 35%, and have 3 different spray settings as well as a stop button.

Believe us, it's important to choose high-quality and efficient shower accessories because the shower room is where most people start and end their days. You don't want troubles there that can easily be avoided. In fact, you should choose performance and luxury whenever you can.

Here's to happy and healthy showers with StoneStream!

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