The Ultimate Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

The Ultimate Shower Head For Low Water Pressure
StoneStream is a shower startup creating thoughtfully designed eco-friendly shower heads aimed to dramatically increase your shower water "pressure" while reducing the amount of water you use in your showers.

After the huge success of the previous StoneStream showerhead models, sold in more than 45 countries to over 100,000 homes, we launched the EcoPower shower water "pressure" increasing showerhead series with a clear mission to provide even cleaner and safer shower water with stronger water flow velocity to more people around the world while saving more water than ever before. 

How do our shower heads increase water pressure?

They actually don't. 

But wait, how can it be?! didn't you say you design high pressure shower heads?!

Well, not exactly.

First, we need to clear a common misuse of the phrase shower water pressure. When people talk about water pressure with regard to their showers they usually mean water flow velocity. Water pressure cannot be increased without a fancy pump that actively increases the shower water pressure. Meaning, your shower water pressure remains the same, that is if nothing happens to your pipe and main water systems in your building, neighborhood etc. 

However, water flow velocity can definitely be increased, using any of our shower heads. 

How do our shower heads increase your shower water flow to feel like they increase your shower water pressure? 

It’s simple physics – when we developed the new generation of StoneStream, we used a variety of spray types, droplet velocities, droplet sizes, and spray angles. It’s a combination, the way the droplets overlap and coalesce, that makes it a good experience. This required a ton of trial and error – a lot more than we thought was necessary. Eventually, we used anodized aluminum for the showerhead plate and perfect the structure with 250 laser-cut spray holes which provided the best results. Think about it this way - the water are trying to push out with the same pressure but now they come out through a smaller holes on a more rapid rate, which causes them to shoot out faster and stronger. But just stronger water flow velocity might not feel so nice on the skin so we made sure to design the shower head in such way it'll also air the water on their way out to make them feel nice and smooth on the skin.

Dribbling low water pressure shower head

Dribbling low water pressure shower head.

Just how well our shower heads are working compared to other shower heads? 

They provide up to twice the water flow velocity your standard showerhead does. Actually, it's 212% stronger water flow velocity to be precise, when tested in our labs. Well, of course not every shower will show the exact same results, but you can expect a drastic improvement in your shower water flow velocity. With tens of thousands of customers around the world who have used our shower heads in their showers and shared their positive feedback with us, we are certain, and you can be too, that our shower heads do just that. If you're not convinced, we don't blame you, it's hard to imagine that such an improvement in your shower is right around the corner and you haven't heard about it yet. Don't take our word for it - hit our customer video reviews page and our Trustpilot page, or simply search on Youtube for reviews by our customers and you'll see for yourself. 

But what if our shower head will not increase your shower water pressure?

It may be that you reside in a low water pressure area, and it's a good idea to check that first. If you do happen to live in such area, that doesn't mean game over. There are plenty of actions you can take to increase your shower water pressure, even before you consider buying a new shower head.

It is quite likely that you will be able to take care of your low shower water pressure situation yourself than it is you'll need to install a new water pump in your water system.

The StoneStream EcoPower showerhead tested compared to a standard showerhead using the same pipe and water pressure

The StoneStream EcoPower showerhead tested compared to a standard showerhead using the same pipe and water pressure.

Much more than increasing water flow velocity

When we designed the new EcoPower shower heads series, increasing shower water pressure wasn't our only goal in mind. Here are a few more features we incorporated into the EcoPower showerhead design:

Filtering limescale, chlorine, hard metals and bacteria

In our new shower heads collection we have incorporated a new and better mixture of mineral stones that will better filter your shower water and remove unwanted substances from your shower water. The easiest change to spot is the addition of the Calcium Sulfite stones which are white and is very effective at removing chlorine and other unwanted materials from reaching your skin. 

​Saving water 

The re-engineered EcoPower version sprays water at a higher velocity than the StoneStream previous shower head models and this is why it helps saving the average household just over 45,000 litres (almost 12,000 gallons) every year. It makes a fairly significant impact on water costs and can save as much as £250 every year on your water bill. How big is the impact on water cost savings? If everyone in the UK used StoneStream, we could save over £3 Billion every year in water consumption and heating costs.

Eco friendly STOP button

The STOP button you'll see on our EcoPower flagship showerhead models enables you to instantly stop the water flow without the need to reach a hand to the water valve. That may sound like a slight change, but it makes a tremendous difference. How? you can have your water flow stop for soaping or shampooing, and whilst your eyes are closed and you can instantly release the STOP button. Mom look, no hands! Since the stopping is instant it also help you save water as you'll waste less if you compare that to the water flowing out while you reaching out to the water valve. And if that is not enough, it'll also preserve the water temperature better because you won't touch the handle and therefore you maintain the exact mix of cold and hot water. 

Touch-clean spray holes

While other shower heads may gather unsightly mineral build-up, our anodized aluminum plate allows mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look. This means less clogging and more consistent water pressure over the lifespan of your shower.

StoneStream shower heads revolutionize your shower experience by providing stronger water flow velocity, cleaner and safer water for you and your family, all while reducing water consumption in the process.

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