StoneStream™ BLCK - Replacement Cartridges (Set Of 3)

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Key Benefits
  • Revitalize your shower experience with our Vitamin-C infusions, promoting radiant skin and increased energy levels.
  • Purify your shower water, encouraging soft, smooth skin and a boost in overall wellbeing.
  • Combat against free radical damage with powerful antioxidant properties, enhancing skin health.
  • Savor a refreshing citrus aroma each morning, improving mood and jumpstarting your day with positive energy.
  • Promote sustainable living with reduced plastic waste — courtesy of our eco-friendly StoneStream™ BLCK replacement cartridges.

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StoneStream™ BLCK - Replacement Cartridges (Set Of 3)
StoneStream™ BLCK - Replacement Cartridges (Set Of 3)

Indulge & Pamper: Vitamin C Shower for Soft Water, Healthy Glow, & Pure Bliss

  • Vitamin C Freshness

  • Easy to use

  • 3 Different Flavors

What's so special about StoneStream®?

  • Up to 200% actual water flow increase

  • Reduces Hard Water levels which is great for your skin and hair

  • Saves $227 in water costs every year*
    *(avg. US household estimate)

Touch-clean spray holes

Unlike other showerheads prone to mineral buildup, our anodized aluminum faceplate repels deposits, allowing you to easily wipe away residue for a consistently fresh look. This translates to reduced clogging and maintained water pressure throughout your shower's lifetime.

Harmful Effects of hard water

  • on skin


    Irritation and Eczema

    Clogged Pores

    Increased Acne

    Faster Aging

  • on hair


    Dryness and Brittleness

    Hair Loss

    Color Fading

    Dry and Itchy Scalp


Leader in Stone Filtration technology

Our mission was to design a significantly superior shower experience that used significantly less water. After many designs and iterations, we came up with the first StoneStream showerhead in 2015 and and have been the pioneer in innovation in stone based filtration showerheads ever since, improving in our designs and filtration with each iteration. StoneStream Showerheads have continued to be known and trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers for our build quality, durability and high quality minerals and filters.

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